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Why CPD Courses for Personal Trainers are Essential for Career Growth

You’ve completed all your prerequisite learning and have your full PT Diploma.

Such reverence and pride lasts briefly as someone comes along with this little question:

“What will you be doing for your yearly CPD?”

Talk about deflating, especially when you thought education was finally finished with.

Truth be told, many of us have felt like this because the need for CPD (Continued Professional Development) can seem a little inconvenient, especially when you’ve already made a large investment into becoming a qualified fitness professional.

Questions like these begin to fill your mind:

Why do I need to do CPD training?

Can CPD courses be completed online?

What CPD training courses can I take?

Will CPD training help me earn more?

Put simply, continued development is crucial to longevity in any element of life.

The great thing about this style of up-skilling is that you’ve got the power to choose what you spend your time doing and invest in mastering. Unlike school, you don’t need to take a course that’s not of interest on a personal or professional level. As such, it allows you to create a niche for your business. This makes what you do highly valuable to people, which means you can also offer them an unforgettable level of service and experience.

Now the overall gist has been covered, we shall delve into the common questions in more depth.

1. Why do I need to do CPD training?

To become the best possible PT you can (that is the short answer).

You will also find that taking extra courses allow you to expand your perspective, which usually allows you to help more people.

One benefit of ongoing self-improvement in your chosen field of expertise is that you become the person everyone sees as the ‘go-to’ for that specific skill set; it truly sets you apart from the average trainer you may find yourself in competition with.

It also shows that you care about keeping your knowledge relevant and of a high standard too.

The real way to look at this question is not ‘why do you need CPD?’, it’s ‘why do you feel that you don’t?’

There are only two reasons you wouldn’t need CPD:

  1. You’ve mastered everything there is to know.
  2. There aren’t any covering something you wish to explore (in which case, you may have found a gap in the market).

2. Can CPD courses be completed online?

Yes, and you’ll be amazed at how many high quality ones are available to you.

  1. Strength & Conditioning
  2. Life Coaching
  3. Mental Health & Awareness
  4. CBT
  5. Manual Therapy
  6. Business

and so many more!

You will even find that there are short courses in the form of webinars, online lectures with supporting questions/resources or even longer courses have case study elements in them.

In fact, in regards to online learning, Future Fit created the ProZone for this very purpose so that CPD in multiple disciplines can be acquired with ease. Check it out here and contact us with citing this code ‘CPD4ME’ for a free 30 day trial.

3. What CPD training courses can I take?

As touched on above, any you desire because the options are endless.

A great question to ask yourself is this: Why does this interest me and how will it be a benefit?

You can take a course for many reasons:

  1. Professional improvement
  2. Self-development
  3. Specific client request to help certain people
  4. Just because you fancy leaning the basics in something the may fit your business

CPD should be a pleasure, not a chore, so choose wisely.

All of the above brings us the main consideration for most trainers…

4. Will CPD training help me earn more?

Short answer: potentially.

While this might not be the resounding YES you’d hoped for, it’s the right answer because not all courses will provide extra income for this one simple reason:

You don’t apply the knowledge gained correctly.

Just because you’ve done a course, it doesn’t automatically mean you can skyrocket your prices (although having some well-respected certifications to your name can certainly do that, provided you apply their knowledge from them).

You see, knowledge is one side of the coin, application is the other.

Gaining specialist (or even general) qualifications does warrant a fee increase. You'd be wise, however, to consider applying that to new clients only and, as a token of good faith, keep older clients at their existing fees.

The reasons are simple:

  1. It allows you to practice applying the new knowledge to current clients that may have plateaued.
  2. You gain more opportunity to build up a portfolio of success (proof).
  3. Leave no doubt in your mind that you’re now worth a price increase (and avoid feeling like a fraud)

An extensive repertoire of CPD courses successfully completed will also open doors moving forwards and provide a lot of potential opportunities you’d perhaps have missed without the investment.

In conclusion

Putting investment in to perhaps two courses a year usually pays many a return down the road.

Courses also leave you feeling invigorated to go out and share what you’ve gained with all the people you’re currently connected with. This can be infectious which will only have positive effects on client progress and attitude.

You may even find a new passion and direction for your fitness business!