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Training Dream Clients; Pro-Athletes and Sports People

It’s a long-term goal of almost every aspiring Personal Trainer and Nutritionist to have professional athletes, sports people and high-performers in their client base. Working with the world’s elite, on an international stage, has an exciting and adrenaline filled draw to it.

Pippa Turley EMS training a client

Pippa trains ex-international footballer Peter Crouch in her EMS studio in Surrey, UK.

The good news is, career dreams like these are absolutely achievable with Future Fit qualifications thanks to the incredible career support provided to every student as they enter and progress throughout the health and fitness industries.

Future Fit Brand Ambassador Pippa Turley did her personal training courses with Future Fit in 2014 and has since begun studying for the RSPH Nutrition Qualification in order to deliver an even higher level of service to her elite client base.

When it comes to high-level sports performance, the areas of nutrition and movement are so deeply intertwined that training programmes simply have to incorporate dietary advice in order to achieve optimum results from the body and mind on race day/game day.

The benefits of implementing this new knowledge with her clients and fellow athletes will allow Pippa to expand her business even further and improve the results she is able to achieve in a certain time frame when it comes to both elite performance and transformation results.

Pippa Turley EMS Training Peter Crouch

“My nutrition qualification will allow me to take my training way beyond the gym floor, and ultimately help my clients to get faster results, whatever their goal may be.”

“I will use the vast knowledge that I gain during the course and apply it to every individual person that I work with in order to help them to feel and perform better.”

“It became clear to me that sports people, in particular, understand well the 80/20 rule with regards to diet and exercise. Without the right fuel to energise, train and recover properly, results won’t improve. Nutrition is 100% as important as training.”

“As an Age-Group triathlete for GBR, I know how important nutrition is to your overall well-being allowing you to train day in, day out and perform at your best. Clients would regularly ask me for advice, and so I’m excited to now formalise my nutrition knowledge so that I can give them the best support.

EMS training system

Pippa, exclusive distributor for XBody EMS equipment in the UK & Ireland.

To talk to Pippa directly about her experiences as a Future Fit student or to find out more about her work in Electric Muscle Stimulation training at EMS Strength, Surrey, get in touch with her directly.

Find out more about Pippa on our Ambassador page!