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Southsea Fitness Festival - The Highlights

Southsea Fitness Festival

The Southsea Fitness Festival returned for it's fifth year on Saturday 1st June, in partnership with Future Fit Training.

The free event aims to inspire and celebrate active and healthy lifestyles with over 100+ workouts across the day.

Future Fit Training caught up with festival goers throughout the day, running fitness workshops, competitions, educational talks and inspiring individuals to get active.

We bring you the highlights from the day, including interviews with Andrew Moseley, Business Development Manager at Future Fit Training and Luke Newton, Director of SWEAT Southsea...

Key Points

  • Interview with Luke Newton, Director of SWEAT Southsea
  • Interview with Andrew Mosley, Business Development Manager
  • Highlights from Southsea Fitness Festival 2019
Events like this are important to showcase that there are so many different activities available for people to take part in. That’s why we’ve got everything from Pilates to America Football, Paddle boarding and Boot camps – Luke Newton, Director of SWEAT Southsea.