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Southsea Fitness Festival 2019

SWEAT Fitness Festival Southsea

The Fitness Festival, brought to you by SWEAT Southsea exists to celebrate active and healthy lifestyles.Join us on Saturday 6th June 2020, for 100+ workouts, workshops and activities including Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Healthy Food Market, Yoga, bootcamps, and special guests.

Key Points

  • Recap of the event
  • Interview with Luke Newton, Director of SWEAT Southsea
  • Interview with Andrew Mosley, Business Development Manager
  • Future Fit sponsored Southsea Fitness Festival 2019

If would you like to find out more information about Southsea Fitness Festival, follow the link here.

Considering everything I have accomplished, my favourite thing is to still to get up at 5am, unlocking my own facility come wind, rain or shine and then helping a diverse range of people.

Luke Newton - Director of SWEAT Festival

Since the first event, the Southsea Fitness Festival as it was originally coined, has grown and now stands as one of the biggest and fastest growing Fitness Festivals in the UK.