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Lucy West Talks with Future Fit Training!

Lucy West

Hear from Lucy West, (one-half of @TheWestTwins) on her experience of training with Future Fit, and completing her Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. Take a look at what happens during a busy assessment period from the perspective of a Future Fit student.

Lucy West is a seasoned bodybuilding competitor, winning national titles, and promotes healthy fitness and well-being lifestyle. Lucy has also since completed her Level 3 Personal Trainer with Future Fit Training.

With years of training, experience and practical knowledge, Lucy is passionate about helping others and her enthusiasm is showcased to her fan-base on her increasingly popular social media.

Key Points

  • Follow a Future Fit assessment from a students perspective
  • Discover what our Level 2 Gym Instructor course entails
  • Hear Lucy's aspirations and next steps in the fitness industry
  • How this course can help you develop as a personal trainer

I am really pleased to have passed. It means I can crack on and move forward. I can't recommend Future Fit enough. It was really informative and engaging with the group.

Lucy West

Lucy is a personal trainer, fitness model & bodybuilder. She recently completed her Level 3 Personal Trainer diploma and is now studying Nutrition and Weight Management with Future Fit.