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PT Programming & Coaching Course

The PT Programming and Coaching course

Take a look at our Programming and Coaching Course. Designed by leading industry experts, the course allows our students to develop their skills in programming and coaching, in order to deal with a wide range of clients and their individual needs.

We caught up with a few students currently undertaking their qualification on the course, to hear how they are finding the course and the importance of putting what they are learning into a practice.

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for safe and effective exercise prescription to a wide range of clients with different goals.

Key Points

  • Learn a range of skills to utilise in your PT practice
  • Put what you are learning into a practical application
  • Learn how to help meet the needs of your clients and how to do it well

The PT Programming and Coaching coursehas been put together to help you as a student develop your skills in programming and coaching for a range of clients. You’ll gain a range of skills that you can utilise in your personal training practices - James Gregory

James Gregory

James Gregory teaches the Gym Instructor, PT Exercise Programming and Coaching and Kettlebell Trainer courses and has been a Future Fit Training tutor since 2007.