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How to find a Personal Trainer that is right for you

When looking to start a fitness journey it is important you find a Personal Trainer which is right for you, this person needs to be able to communicate comfortably with you, understand your goals and be able to learn your strengths and weaknesses in life. In this article, we have outlined a few key areas to help you when choosing a PT.

  • Understand their Personal Trainer qualification
  • Check their location
  • Get to know their personality
  • Know your goals
  • Do some research
  • Explore reviews & opinions

  • Understand their Personal Trainer qualification

    It is important that when you explore Personal Trainers you have a good understanding of what they should be qualified in. The minimum qualification to become a Personal Trainer is a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. However, if you have more specific goals on what you want to achieve or areas you want to train, Personal Trainers often take on continuous personal development courses (CPD) in things such as Advanced Resistance Training, Functional Training or Core training.

    It is good to take note of Personal Trainers who currently invest in their own learning, this demonstrates an individual who is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow their knowledge which is a good quality to have as a Personal Trainer. The CPD courses Personal Trainers often take, give you a good idea of their specialist areas or ones which they think they perform best in. This can help you understand the individual themself on more of a personal level, by having an understanding of their strengths.

    Check their location

    Before you invest time and effort into researching and understanding a Personal Trainer, it's important that they are located in an area or health club which is suitable to your needs. You should answer the below questions to figure out a location that works best for you.

    • How many Personal Training sessions a week are you wanting?
    • Will you be travelling from work or home for these sessions?
    • How far is this for you?
    • Is the location suitable to fit into your current lifestyle?
    • Are you looking for Online Personal Training instead?

    Once you have answers to the above questions you will be able to narrow down the ideal location for you. Alternatively, you may explore the online personal training route instead. Whichever decision you make, it is important the location is something you are comfortable and confident in for it to work. Finding the motivation can become difficult to start attending Personal Training sessions if you find that the location is inconvenient, therefore location is key for you to remain consistent and get the most from your training.

    personal trainer and client training

    Get to know their personality

    No matter how qualified the Personal Trainer is, their personality is important to how successful the client and trainer relationship is. A Personal Trainer needs to be able to understand your personality and what communication works best for you. In order to avoid a personality clash make the most out of booking consultations and taster sessions that Personal Trainers run. This will give you an opportunity to ask any question you would like and also make it clear how well you both can communicate with each other.

    You should feel comfortable when discussing your fitness goals and main concerns, for your trainer to be able to take this on board to ensure you are satisfied with the time you will be investing into this Personal Trainer. Once you have had a consultation with your potential personal trainer, it should be clear if you are willing to spend your time and even your money on their services.

    Know your goals

    Another key element to finding the right Personal Trainer for you is understanding your own personal goals and the reason for you wanting to invest money and time into this journey. Are you training to achieve weight loss/fat loss, fit training, toning up or just aiming to improve overall fitness? A Level 3 Personal Trainer will have a full understanding of nutrition and weight management, behaviour change coaching and exercise for fat loss as some of the core elements of their personal training qualification. Therefore once you have made your main goal clear to them, they have the best scope of knowledge in making those goals achievable for you.

    In order for fitness professionals to understand the clients wants and needs from their sessions, the client has to have their own end goal clear in their head to be able to communicate this effectively with their personal trainer. You should be prepared to share these goals with your potential personal trainer for you to understand if they are going to the right person to help you reach these goals. We have an article to which covers how to build motivation and confidence in the gym including goal setting.

    Do some research

    Now you have figured out your own goals, where you want to train and how qualified the Personal Trainer is, you should spend some time researching potential trainers. If you are planning to go with a particular health club or gym, they often have profiles and bios on their personal trainers to help you understand them.

    Alternatively, a lot of personal trainers use social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook as a way to build their own portfolio of client stories and fitness successes. This is a great way for you to research and explore different journeys your potential personal trainer has helped people achieve. Often trainers also use these platforms to showcase their own personalities which gives you a good understanding of how they work as personal trainers and the relationships they form with their clients.

    Explore reviews & opinions

    Lastly, with the online world, we live in there is likely to be reviews or testimonials from previous clients which will provide you with the insights you need on how successful they have been with previous clients. This should be available on their social media channels or their website, alternatively, if you are already a member of a health club or gym you will have a good idea of the current personal trainers available. You can also use your current gym membership as a great way to get to know some clients of the personal trainers there, you can then understand how their sessions have been going and gauge an opinion on this.