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Georgia Nicholls

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I am a young business owner
I am a Personal Trainer
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Georgia Nicholls

Future Fit Ambassador


Future Fit Training student and Personal Trainer


Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer
Level 4 RSPH Nutrition
Coaching Fitness Online

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Georgia's Story

"I began dancing at a very young age and fell in love with it  but as I turned 15, my passion and my curiosity about  health and fitness grew. I was absorbed in my biology classes  at A level, I looked forward to going to the gym with my Dad who would show me cool exercise routines and I took a great interest in nutrition. I had my head set on going to university (it's pushed so hard in school like it is the only route you should be taking) but my heart wasn't in it.  It wasn't until looking around what must've been the 10th uni that I realised... NO WAY is this for me, SO I had to stop and ask myself... What was for me? EXERCISE. 

Having told school university was not the route I wanted to pursue anymore they showed no interest in helping me find a different path, so I had to do it myself! With just one google search I found Future Fit and was SOLD. Learning from my own home and also going into London for exciting and inspirational workshops and meeting interesting people, who all shared the same passions as me sounded awesome! They offered me the support school hadn't even in the signing up process so I couldn't imagine what it would be like when I got properly stuck into the learning.

It's been a whirlwind ever since, studying and trying to gain some experience for 2 years before officially deciding to set up my own business 'G.Nix Fitness' in January 2020. Making the decision to be self-employed and not to begin my career in a gym was a scary one but, again, I knew it was what I was going to love doing and I was willing to take that risk.

Then covid hit... that was the end of that... or was it? Who would ever be offered the chance to focus on building their business with no distractions? I worked super hard during Lockdown 1 providing free services and classes and I built a wonderful fitness community who have continued to appreciate, support, and inspire and have stayed with me even now I’m offering paid services. "

"I studied with Future Fit because I have always had a passion for exercise and I wanted to guarantee a career that I was going to love every day. I continue to study with them because they're a supportive, motivational and professional company who have helped me grow into the personal trainer I am today. I'm so grateful that I've gone full circle and ended up as an ambassador of Future Fit to continue being part of an amazing fitness family."

A Q&A with Georgia

What made you want to get into the health and fitness industry?

Being in love with dancing since young, my passion bloomed into a curiosity to learn more about the human body, health and fitness.

What is your top piece of advice for anyone wanting to change their career and join the industry?

JUST DO IT! The risk is always worth taking if you truly love it and it's going to make you happy every day! Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life!

What's your favourite meal?

Chicken and chorizo risotto is a favourite of mine to make, especially for that post gym refuel!!! 

What TV or film character do you relate to the most?

Tigger  because he's bouncy, fun and never stops!!

What's your favourite kind of workout?

Anything to music! I love a good beat and think a great playlist is the best motivator. I also love cardio because it's explosive and sweaty!!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to stop time so that I could make sure I get all my work done!! (there's always so much to do when you run your own business)

Why did you choose Future Fit Training?

How helpful everyone was when I first started researching which course would be best for me and if I wanted to go to Futurefit. They made the process really clear and easy.

Were you nervous to start your training course?

Extremely. Travelling up on the train to my first workshop was the most nerve wracking experience ever but once I was there it was so much fun and I got more and more confident each time I had to do one! 

How do you think fitness has changed your life?

Fitness has provided me with an escape. A period of time when I can focus on my mental and physical health, de stress and worry about nothing else going on. It makes me feel happy and confident.

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