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Future Fit Traning
Personal Training course practical workshop

What to Expect From Our Training (Update)

During a time of social distancing and gathering rules changing all the time, we are dedicated to helping you complete your practical
training safely and with confidence. A recent Return to Work survey done by CIMSPA showed that, 40% of people are nervous to return to face to face training. You are not alone in your worries and, of course, you may have some questions about how we are able to deliver our training.

At Future Fit, we know how important it is to get the face-to-face training necessary to thoroughly prepare you for a career in fitness; this hasn’t changed. Our expert team of tutors are still able to train you in smaller groups in venues across the country, limiting travel and keeping our students as safe as possible. We want you to get the best out of your training and prepare you for working in a social-distanced safe environment yourself.Your career and fitness goals don’t need to be put on hold; we’ve heard your concerns and have come up with 4 key solutions to keep you training safely, and get you one step closer to being fully qualified


This blog will cover the following topics



Q1. Are the tutors trained in coronavirus health and safety?



Our tutors are industry leaders, all with high levels of training and experience in teaching across the disciplines. This is equally true of their pandemic safety training.

In 2020, our partners CIMSPA and Sport England launched their ReActivate programme, designed to help fitness professionals get back to work after spending time in lockdown. This £250,000 initiative is available to all fitness professionals and anyone working in the physical activity sector for free for 12 months (this may be something you’re already aware of through your own training).

All our tutors have completed this training and are ready to mentor you in a thoroughly safe way. The training undergone by our tutors includes:

      • Risk management
      • Social distancing
      • Cleaning and using equipment
      • COVID-19 specific procedures
      • First aid

Our tutors will include key guidance on best practices for you during the pandemic where relevant. We recommend, however, that you participate in the free ReActivate programme so you too can deliver coronavirus-safe training for you future clients.

Q2. How are you keeping people safe at your venues?


All our venues must follow strict government guidelines to remain open for training and keep students safe. The 7 steps each venue must take are:

  1. Completing a COVID-19 risk assessment
  2. Cleaning often and thoroughly – in our training, it is unavoidable that you will be sharing equipment. Venues must make sure that staff and customers use hand sanitiser and thoroughly clean equipment after use
  3. Wearing face coverings – while face coverings are not required when exercising, all staff must wear them indoors, especially around people outside their usual bubble
  4. Social distancing – one-way systems are often in place with signs to mark clear distances
  5. Increased ventilation – keeping doors and windows open where possible
  6. Taking part in NHS Track and Trace – enforced by law from the 18th September 2020, the venues can hold onto your contact details for 21 days
  7. Turn people away with COVID-19 symptoms – the venue reserves the right to turn away people exhibiting symptoms such as a persistent cough or fever.

We are making sure we stick to these guidelines by limiting our class sizes and maintain the rules of 100 square feet per person. We are limiting our group sizes to maximum 12 students for circuits and studio, 6 on the gym floor.

All our tutors are trained in safe travel for students as part of their ReActivate training, so we will make sure you are able to get to a venue to train in a safe way.

For more information about government venue guidelines visit:

Q3. How
are you able to stay open during lockdown?

The government acknowledges that we are providing an educational service and, therefore, allows us to continue training to help you reach your career goals. The government have issued strict sports-specific rules as to how we can continue to train people in fitness facilities:

      • Engage with returning visiting instructors and volunteers – meaning our tutors have had consultations with the venues about how best to set up training you in the most COVID safe way
      • Limit use of changing rooms – this will be something you know from our own training; participants must arrive in sports kit and change at home (though facilities will always be available for those with disabilities)
      • Understanding how the business operate in the local area – limiting queues for things, staggering times and advising customers, where possible, to avoid public transport. Our tutors will have considered these issues to bring you the safest training

As of the 12th October, the government has ruled that gyms across the UK (except Liverpool and areas under short-term firebreak lockdowns) are able to stay open.

With over 22 million people visiting fitness facilities during the two months after lockdown measures were lifted, and the number of coronavirus cases at 0.34 per 100,000 visits, it can be seen that gyms and their instructors are doing their best to make sure we are able to stay open and stay training.

4. Why is it important that people get practical experience? 

If you are a student of Future Fit, you will already know that having a practical element to your training is the best way to fully prepare yourself for a career in the fitness industry. With more and more providers focussing entirely online (especially during lockdown), trainers are entering the industry with no practical experience, with 92% of recent graduates being unprepared and needing additional training from employers.

We pride ourselves on our blended learning courses and our consistent high praise from the industry. Especially during a pandemic, having personal support and face to face training is the best way to prepare our graduates for leading sessions of their own, adhering to COVID-19 regulations. Only by working with real people in professional environments can you:

      • Learn from industry experts – how they continue to deliver COVID safe personal training
      • Put your skills to the test – dealing with the challenges of operating in a fitness environment in real life – not just through video
      • Hit the ground running once you’ve qualified – confident in performing tasks in a COVID safe way in practice, not just in theory

For more information about our award winning blended learning , visit

To Conclude

As fitness professionals, you know how important overcoming obstacles to reach your goals is. You will motivate your clients in a way that is safe for them, and we train you in the same way. We hope we have answered some of your questions and filled you with a bit more confidence to continue your training in person and reach your full fitness potential. The country may be in lockdown, but with our ReActivate trained staff and COVID safe venues, your training doesn’t need to be.

For more detail about how we’re keeping you safe during in-person training, feel free to call our dedicated student support team on 01329 823400.



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