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How Electric Muscle Stimulation Creates Powerful Transformations

This post was written by Pippa Turley. Pippa, a former Future Fit student, used her qualification to become an EMS Instructor and shares details of the invaluable technology now shaping her work in the fitness industry. Pippa integrated EMS technology into her work to deliver time and space-efficient results to the people of Surrey from her home studio and now in public spaces too.


As the tribes of fitness enthusiasts continue to polarise in their views on what’s best, it’s becoming apparent that there is no right or wrong between high and low-impact solutions, only personal preference.

For the last decade, across Europe, an exercise movement has seen exponential growth. This is because of its ability to straddle both the low and high impact markets suitable for everyone from elite athletes, right through to the elderly or impaired.

Initially used for injury rehabilitation, Whole-Body Electric Muscle Stimulation, or WB-EMS for short is now used for training as well.


Want to know more about WB-EMS? Read on to find out why EMS training is so effective and how it functions in practice with clients.


This blog includes:

Paula, @ActiveBodyEMS, using XBody GO device during Lockdown #3.

Paula, @ActiveBodyEMS, using XBody GO device during Lockdown #3.

Why is EMS Training Effective?


During traditional strength training, the brain sends impulses that stimulate specific muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, therefore are not activated easily.

EMS Training stimulates all the major muscle groups whilst developing the nerve connections relating to muscle movement. By sending electrical impulses directly to these motoric nerves, even the weakly connected muscles are activated.

Because muscle fibres are activated in a non-regular order with EMS Training, a more intense training level is enabled from the start. This creates more fast-twitch muscle fibre at an accelerated rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy intake, which therefore burns more calories (even at rest!)


What Exact Benefits Can EMS Training Offer?


  • Balance out the muscular system: If there are muscular imbalances or underdeveloped muscles in the body, EMS can realign them. Targeting the appropriate muscle groups is easy with the professional placement of electrodes in the specialised XBody training suit.
  • Achieve a toned body: Full-body EMS strength training combined with cardio sessions can help you get your muscles toned, burn fat and reduce cellulite. Circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced, which can lead to firmer and more toned skin.
  • Relieve joints: Unlike regular training with weights, EMS Training will not put additional pressure on your joints, and with the help of a specialist, it can be used after an injury or with joint pain as well.
Pippa @EMS_Strength, delivering EMS training outdoors with XBody GO device.

Pippa @EMS_Strength, delivering EMS training outdoors with XBody GO device.


How is EMS Training Used in Practice?


In an interview in her beautiful studio in Denmark, XBody Master Trainer Sofie Husfeldt explained how she simultaneously delivers both treatment and training.

“EMS is not new – it has been used for rehabilitation for decades, but only in the last 10-15 years has it also developed as a whole-body training solution. I have many clients who, due to injury, natural wear and tear on their bodies or joint restriction would not allow them to strength train in the normal way. With EMS, they are getting a strong and effective workout safely and efficiently.”

It’s clear to see that EMS Training is bridging a gap between elite performers and those in rehabilitation. Training styles which can effectively serve both markets are rare, making EMS Training a powerful enhancement to a fitness professionals’ portfolio.


To Conclude


Overall, XBody EMS Training increases muscle mass, promotes shedding fat, increases calorie burning capacity and boosts metabolism without placing additional pressure on joints.


This makes it a suitable training style for all ages and abilities.


If you’re itching to try it out for yourself, connect with us to try on that suit and talk about incorporating this marvellous technology into your existing fitness services!