Future Fit presents at Leisure Industry Week

School Of Pilates Posted Sep 24, 2014 Future Fit Training

The UK's leading leisure exhibition Leisure Industry Week kicks off from 30th-2nd October.

Future Fit presents at Leisure Industry Week


Covering the entire leisure industry, LIW includes dedicated education sessions for health & fitness, showcases the latest fitness equipment and classes, as well as featuring top level sports personalities such as Sally Gunnell, Track & Field Athlete and Matrix Ambassador.

Leisure Industry week also host the REPS annual convention and Future Fit is pleased to announce that we have been invited to present a fantastic seminar!

School of Pilates Tutor, Katie Farndon, will be asking why don't more men come to Pilates classes? Do they see it as gentle exercise aimed purely for rehab patients? When the fundamental principles used in Pilates such as core engagement, shoulder stability, and correct alignment should be taught across all forms of exercise.  Find out how to make Pilates classes more attractive to men by including high intensity interval training within a Pilates class.

Tickets to the REPs convention start from £50 (members) to £70 (non-members) and are subject to limited availability.

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