Using Pilates for Rehabilitation

School Of Pilates Posted Jul 27, 2015 Future Fit Training

Pilates began as a rehabilitation system and saw many dancers through injury and back into work.

Using Pilates for Rehabilitation

Joseph and Clara Pilates worked hard to ensure correct technique for maximum gain and never failed to get results through their passion and dedication. It was ultimately the results gained from one man, his wife and a small New York studio that led to the worldwide phenomenon that Pilates has become. The results spoke for themselves through years of rehabilitating dancers and educating them to use their body wisely. Word of mouth spread and people were beginning to travel to experience this amazing recovery aid. Gymnasts, athletes and eventually celebrities - the rest (as they say) is history.

The difference between how Joseph taught his clients and how we teach ours is simply the clients themselves. He taught people with body awareness and core stability a range of movements to aid recovery, rebalance and stabilise joints. We need to teach people to have body awareness in order to gain enough core stability to make the range of movements worthwhile as a recovery process. This takes longer, but as a client progresses they should find gains they weren't expecting (such as increased balance, flexibility, improved co-ordination and body control). All of these factors contribute to rehabilitation and reduced chance of further injury.

So Pilates began as a rehabilitation system and has proven itself over the years with countless people gaining fabulous results.  In fact, on many of Future Fit’s Instructor Training courses we have students who are learning to teach Pilates after gaining results using it in their own rehabilitation from injury.  As an exercise system it continually proves itself beyond any doubt that if you take time to perfect your technique and constantly use what you have learnt about posture and stability in your daily living, then Pilates has results written all over it.  Anything with a track record so solid must be tried, understood and recommended.  Then if you get the bug, you know where we are.  Join us for instructor training, workshops and CPD throughout your fitness career.

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Written by Heather Oakes

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