Are you pure, or do you like to spice things up?

School Of Pilates Posted Mar 05, 2013 Future Fit Training

Are you pure, or do you like to spice things up?

Now there’s a question to get you thinking……but I’m talking Pilates classes.

You’ve probably noticed that many Pilates classes are being ‘fused’ with other exercise forms and I’m putting the question out there to see how many of you agree with these marriages or whether you prefer your Pilates classes to be pure?

Piloxing (Pilates + boxing) is very popular and can be found throughout the country from ‘state of the art’ health clubs to community halls in rural locations. A friend of mine loves going to her weekly Piloxing class and has now bought herself all the ‘kit’ to help her (well, gloves anyway). It’s such an extreme fusion of styles that I wonder whether the true ethos of Pilates has been lost.

I can understand mixing Pilates with a similar exercise format such as ballet or creating a Pilates based class such as Spirals, but where will it all end? Pilates and boot-camp training? Or should we embrace these fusions to encourage more people to attend our classes that might not have considered attending a pure Pilates or boxing class. Is it a good way of creating a method to bridge the gap between ‘hard core’ exercise with other so called more relaxing forms?

Do you teach a Pilates fusion class? How did you start, what do you teach, why do you think it works so well.

Do you go to a Plates fusion class? Or are you thinking of going to one? Let us know and share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.

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