Pilates Courses

Once you’ve successfully qualified as a Pilates teacher, we strongly advise you to continue your education and training by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD courses are a great way to enhance your skills and update your health and fitness knowledge. We want you to achieve, progress and ultimately to inspire your clients and to help you achieve this, we’ve produced a series of CPD courses that will extend your expertise and develop your career opportunities.

Joining a professional organisation such as REPs, will provide you with the recognition that you are qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills within the industry. In order to retain your membership you have to prove your continuing professional development (CPD) each year, which is another great reason for updating your knowledge regularly.

We offer both e-learning and practical courses. You can take one of our courses at any point in your training (providing you meet entry requirements). Look at the REP’s logo’s on each course to find out CPD points.

Take a look at our courses below and see what interests you.

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  • Behaviour Change Coaching

    Giving great health and fitness advice doesn’t mean anything if your clients aren’t motivated to follow it. Increasingly recognised as one of the most important skills for fitness professionals to master, our Behaviour Change Coaching e-learning course provides essential information in this subject.

  • Building Your Fitness Business

    This highly engaging course will enable you to make the leap from being a qualified Pilates teacher to a successful fitness professional with a profitable business. You will learn how to build a successful fitness business step by step, with advice on business planning, information on how to harness the marketing mix to plan and develop your business and establish your own brand and unique selling points. Learn how to use promotional tools to your advantage and gain and retain clients using effective sales techniques, as well as advice on key business administration regarding tax and data protection requirements.

  • Core Training

    Core strength is essential for good posture, improved exercise technique, prevention of injury and aesthetic appearance. In this course you’ll learn why training the muscles that create your core is important, plus understand the anatomy and kinesiology of core strength and stability. Pilates teachers need to understand the functions of these muscles and how to train clients to exercise them properly and this course provides you with drill and specific exercises you can use in your classes and with your clients. The course gives you practical information that you can apply straight away.

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

    This course will help you improve your understanding of nutrition and weight management, you will learn the essential components of nutrition and how you would structure and set up a nutrition and weight management programme. This fantastic e-learning course will give you the fundamental tools needed to provide dietary advice to clients and deliver weight management classes.

  • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

    Are you interested in understanding why nutrition for sport and exercise is important? This Association for Nutrition certified e-learning course focuses on the application of nutrition to the area of sport and exercise. You will gain an understanding of the additional nutrients required by those involved in sport and exercise.

  • Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

    This essential and important e-learning course is perfect for Pilates teachers who want to gain specialist knowledge to work confidently with people that have specific musculoskeletal problems. The course combines in-depth anatomy information, detailed descriptions of common joint problems and explains which Pilates exercises should be performed to improve stability, flexibility or strength around a joint, as well as Pilates exercises that should be avoided. After successfully completing this course, not only will you be able to offer specialist rehabilitative services working alongside physiotherapists and other health professionals, you can use your expertise to offer more focused classes.

  • Pilates with Small Equipment

    This course will add a new dimension to your Pilates classes and refocus your mind on its principles. It’s packed full of ideas for using small mat equipment to create lively, varied and challenging classes that will really engage your participants. You’ll learn how to use equipment to isolate and intensify the work of core muscles, and to improve exercise execution by enhancing kinaesthetic awareness and understanding.

  • Pre- and Post-natal Exercise

    Not sure what exercises to prescribe to pre- and post-natal women? This informative e-learning course is the perfect way for you to learn which exercises can and can’t be performed each trimester. The course will teach you the physiological changes and medical conditions encountered during pregnancy and how to adapt your client’s exercises to accommodate them. You’ll learn the benefits, risks and guidelines you need to consider when teaching pre- and post-natal exercises. This is a must have course for any fitness professional.

  • Pre- and Post-natal Nutrition

    Why is nutrition important when someone is pregnant? This Association for Nutrition certified e-learning course will provide you with the answers that you need. You will learn how the principles of nutrition apply during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Is it safe to eat Stilton while pregnant? What about tuna? How much weight should a woman put on during pregnancy and how quickly should she lose it afterwards? Is breastfeeding really better than bottle-feeding? This course will answer all these questions and much more.