Pilates Courses

Maintain your expertise and improve your skills as a Pilates instructor by choosing from our large range of REPs online Pilates courses and workshops giving you valuable CPD points (continuing professional development).

Offer Pilates classes to a wider range of clientelle and increase your earning potential by choosing speciality Pilates training courses, such as Pilates Exercise Referral for Health Management to accept GP referrals or Pre and Postnatal Nutrition to understand nutrition requirements during pregnancy.

Our current Pilates training course favourites

Pilates with Small Equipment - 1 day practical workshop, 6 CPD points

Create lively, varied and challenging classes using small mat equipment that will really engage your participants.

Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions - e-learning, 10 CPD points

Learn about common joint problems and how Pilates can be used to to improve stabililty or strength around a joint.

Pre and Postnatal Exercise - e-learning, 20 CPD points

Become an expert in prescribing exercise to accomodate the physiological and medical conditions encountered during pregnancy.

Choose from our range of CPD Pilates courses, below.

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