Top tips for PT success

School Of Personal Training Posted Apr 14, 2014 Future Fit Training

Guest blog from Virgin Active’s UK Personal Training Specialist Alex Davies

Top tips for PT success

Personal trainers will always be chosen on their passion to change lives through physical and psychological mentorship, the talent they possess, their willingness to learn and develop, and the value they can add to the work hard, play hard culture. Personal trainers will be recruited with this in mind. The ethos is to ensure your clients have a world class personal training experience each and every time. 

As a personal trainer you’ll consistently deliver and promote a range of personal training services that offer members a safe, effective and fun way to achieve their fitness goals. The many benefits your clients will receive from you include your regularly scheduled sessions, your undivided attention to detail, professional and accurate advice that is peripheral to your scheduled sessions, and your total passion for improving ‘their’ fitness and wellbeing. You should be a real presence that looks and acts the part, ensuring that you take charge of your personal training business to successfully build your client base.

You will need to be a real ‘people focused person’ - your knowledge and enthusiasm about fitness and your gift for motivating, engaging and inspiring people will enable you to shine.

My top tips for PT success would be:

  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing
  • Be willing to sacrifice your time and energy to help others in achieving their goals
  • Be totally honest and transparent at all times with your client and yourself, show the value in what you are doing and the progression they can and will make to reach their end goal.


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