Build your brand in 60 minutes

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Build your brand in 60 minutes

If you want to succeed in the modern fitness industry, you need to think of yourself and your business in a brand. If you want to build a brand but you don’t know where to start, follow this five-step process that will take less than an hour. Go through each question in order, spending about 10 minutes on each one. Aim to be as specific as possible in your answers and write them down so you can make yourself accountable.

Brand question 1: Why are you here?

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all philosophical on you. You just need to know why you got into the fitness industry in the first place. You need to ask yourself what you are passionate about because that’s what you’ll be able to throw yourself into. Without passion, you’ll build an empty brand and potential clients can smell that a mile off.

Bonus tip: Write down the main reason you got into fitness beyond the chance to earn a living. It’s essential to build the thing you’re passionate about into your brand.

Brand question 2: What do you want?

If you don’t know what you’re trying to build, how are you going to build it? So ask yourself what success looks like to you. Do you want to own your own gym? Do you want a team of PTs working for you? Do you want to run an online training business so that you don’t have to ever actually meet your clients? Once you know what you want you can take steps to get there.

Bonus tip: map out what you want your career to look like in 3-5 years time and work out what a typical month’s income will look like. How many client hours do you want to do? What income streams to you want to generate? How much do you want to charge?

Brand question 3: What makes you, well, you?

There’s nothing wrong with being a generic PT, provided you are happy earning less than your potential and work longer hours than you need to. You see, if you are generic then you are a commodity and you won’t stand out. Work out what makes you distinctive and how you can communicate that to clients. Are you passionate about kettlebells? Do you want to offer yoga classes for men? Aim to find something that sets you apart from your competition.

Bonus tip: You don’t have to do something that no-one else is doing. But you do need to put your own spin on it by giving it a unique and distinct character.

Brand question 4: What’s the best thing you offer?

The best fitness brands have simple propositions. That’s because people like clear and coherent messages. If you try to get a dozen different messages across at once (which is something we see underperforming PTs do all the time) then nothing will get taken in. If you want to add impact, you need to strip away all of the unimportant stuff and start to focus on the main thing that people want from you.

Bonus tip: Once you have worked out the best thing that you offer potential clients, figure out how you can express it in a simple sentence. If you can’t do that, your idea isn’t clear enough.

Brand question 5: What are you going to do next?

Now that you’ve begun to think about what your brand might look like, you need to keep the process going. Brands aren’t built and then left to exist. They are developed, improved and refined over time. So every step you take towards building a great fitness brand will be a positive one. What are you going to do next to build on what you’ve started?

Bonus tip: The most important question in this exercise is probably question 3. So if you’re going to return to anything and spend more time on it, that’s the area to focus on.

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