Top tips for Personal Trainers

School Of Personal Training Posted Mar 13, 2014 Future Fit Training

3 things all PTs should do with their clients

Top tips for Personal Trainers

1. Take the time to find out what your client REALLY wants.

It’s all too easy to get a few details down on your needs analysis template, like goals, timelines, likes/dislikes and the usual information your client might expect. However, people don’t really join gyms because they want to lose 5kg. That’s just the number attached to the end state. What the member really wants is an emotion linked to that weight loss, and to get rid of the emotions they’re currently experiencing while they are carrying the weight they don’t want! So, take the time to find out WHY they have sought your help, so you are better prepared to match their emotional needs with your service

2. Target yourself for growth and success!

Too many PTs in their early stages want to be successful, but don’t always know what that success looks like. Is it a certain number of sessions per week? Is it an annual revenue target? These targets are fine, but again, all too many PTs measure their success in revenue and not PROFIT. Controlling costs is a huge part of any business, and 30 sessions a week might look great on paper, but what if the PT is spending the equivalent of 35 sessions? A loss-making business can only fail...

3. Never stop learning!

Do you remember when you passed your driving test? You learned JUST enough to get through that test, and then you REALLY started learning. PT is the same, so don’t stop at your Level 3 course. Use this as the springboard to build your client base in the first 6-12 weeks, and then once established in your gym or local area, map out your courses for the next 12 months. It shouldn’t cost the earth, but should always be relevant to your business; in a direction that you’d like your skill set to go; and accredited with CPD points where possible. Remember, our industry is a fast moving one, so if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards!


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