Personal Training Articles

The fitness industry needs better trainers

Published on 13 April 2017

Have you ever been watching a TV show or movie from the 90s or early 2000s which featured a personal trainer?

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Dame Kelly puts ukactive trainees through their paces

Published on 27 March 2017

Dame Kelly Holmes combined her running experience with new-found personal trainer skills to set a treadmill challenge for ukactive’s Jak Phillips.

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Feeling Ninja about Future Fit Level 3 PT course

Published on 22 March 2017

This weekend I’ll be back in the Future Fit classroom mugging up on all my Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma course notes...

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Could outdoor fitness maximise your profits as a PT?

Published on 01 March 2017

The weather is starting to get a little bit brighter and with the change in seasons just around the corner, could it be time to switch up your offerings to clients?

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Feed your hunger for health and fitness knowledge

Published on 22 February 2017

Is knowledge the key to unlocking your health and fitness goals?

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Turn Your Fitness Job into a Fitness Business!

Published on 16 February 2017

Looking for some top tips on how you can turn your fitness job into a fitness business? Well, look no further! We're bringing you some of the top tips to take you to the next level in your fitness career and get you started on your journey. Being a…

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HIIT: Fit or fad?

Published on 16 February 2017

Is High Intensity Interval Training the way forward?

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ukactive senior team study with Future Fit

Published on 15 February 2017

When three key players of ukactive decided to embark upon our Level 3 PT Diploma last year, we were very excited to see how they got on.

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Wearable technology & personal training

Published on 07 February 2017

In the early years of the 21st century the heart rate monitor was the most popular fitness gadget.

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2 ways to warm up for Optimal Performance

Published on 30 January 2017

You are all well educated people, I am sure you have a good warm up in place, however is it the most optimal one for getting the most out of each session?

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