How Future Fit Training are #RaisingtheBar

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 15, 2016 Future Fit Training

Future Fit Training are working together with CIMSPA and ukactive to help raise the standards of health & fitness training in the industry.

How Future Fit Training are #RaisingtheBar

Future Fit's commitment to quality training

It has been an exciting year with the 2016 Raising The Bar research and report recognising a growing and unified need by industry employers for improved standards of training amongst fitness professionals in order to offer effective services and sustainable results to all aspects of the population.

With many leading employers now fully on board as CIMSPA employer partners, along with the strong ukactive government-led initiative to ensure that more people, are more active, more often, the industry is really taking a turn for the better. We have always been totally commited to providing in-depth training for fitness professionals so that they enter the industry fully-trained and skilled for a long and enjoyable career, and this is how we demonstrate our committment. 

No shortcuts with regards to practical workshops and assessments

Our Level 3 and 4 diplomas include considerably more practical workshops and assessment days than the industry minimum requirement, plus Behaviour Change Coaching, Nutrition & Weight Management and Building Your Fitness Business courses as standard to prepare industry-ready professionals.


Industry minimum standard Level 3:

Anatomy & Physiology
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer


FUTURE FIT TRAINING Level 3 - included as standard:

Anatomy & Physiology
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer



The additional training included as standard in our level 3 Complete Personal Training Diploma covers vast additional areas of theory and practical training. Our Raising the Bar research over the years has identified shortfalls in areas of soft skills including business skills, communication and the skills involved in influencing positive change in clients which are essential for a personal trainer to be effective. Without these skills, a PT is more likely to leave the industry soon after qualifying due to lack of satisfaction, and/or success with clients. 



Core Training
Circuit Training
Exercise for Fat Loss
Behaviour Change Coaching
Advanced Resistance Training
Functional Equipment Training
Nutrition & Weight Management
Building Your Fitness Business


Raising the Bar through our rigorous assessment strategy

The Raising the Bar survey asked senior managers in the physical activity sector “Which of the following would you support in an agreed assessment strategy for fitness qualifications?


100% said

Assessment using real clients



88% said

A clear, robust grading system



88% said

Minimum number of hours' work experience



76% said

Case studies using real clients




Our courses require real clients for assessments

(not simulated on peers)


Our assessments are graded Pass, Merit and Distinction


We developed a work experience scheme for our PTs


Our case studies require real clients

(not simulated on peers)


  1. Our Gym Instructor and Level 3 Exercise Programming & Coaching assessments both require live practical assessments with a real person (i.e. not a fellow student).
  2. Our Gym Instructor, and Level 3 Exercise Programming & Coaching assessments are graded pass, merit and distinction.
  3. Our voluntary scheme provides students with experience on the gym floor shadowing a practicing PT. The modular nature of our diplomas means that our students have the opportunity to gain industry experience (paid or voluntary) as they go through their studies, something which we encourage.
  4. Our Level 3 Exercise Programming & Coaching, Nutrition & Weight Management and Exercise Referral assessments all require case studies using real clients over an extended period of time (up to 12 weeks).

Enter the revolution in CPD training - the Pro Zone

The Pro Zone is the first online accredited CIMSPA CPD training solution for fitness professionals provided at an affordable price for both organisations and individuals. The aim of the Pro Zone is to bridge the skills gap identified in fitness professionals, as well as developing their essential knowledge and skills for a long and successful career in the industry through continuous education.

How does the Pro Zone bridge the skills gap?

The Pro Zone offers continuous training through providing insightful content, support, accredited webinar training, practical workshops and e-learning. Webinar topics and supporting content focuses on aspects of soft skills, the psychology of client motivation and behaviour change, nutrition and weight management plus business acumen. In addition, the Pro Zone covers many technical areas aimed to further enhance the expertise of fitness professionals.

Through participation in accredited webinars that are delivered by highly experienced tutors, members are able to obtain up to 12 CIMSPA CPD points per year. Members can also look forward to bonus webinars from guest industry influencers and leaders.

Driving the success of your business

The Pro Zone combines a number of bespoke blended CPD learning options to provide a complete training solution designed to harness the full potential of your unique workforce.

With the ability to completely tailor-make your corporate training package, your workforce will benefit from a diverse and appropriate education, filling skills gaps and meeting your specific individual market needs, ensuring consistency and high standards throughout.

Training can be delivered at your chosen time and location and on a scale that achieves considerable cost savings, with the sole aim of driving the industry standards and your business forwards in a revolutionary way, enhancing the performance of all aspects of your organisation and workforce.

Training to work with special populations



Nine out of ten survey respondents believe that personal trainers are inadequately equipped to work with specialist populations, such as children, older people, pre and postnatal clients and those with medical conditions including diabetes and obesity.

Similarly, eight out of ten respondents believe that the skills to engage with and support these specialist populations should be included as standard in the PT qualification – as opposed to a system where it is reserved exclusively as a bolt-on module or via CPD.



Our strategy

Our Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma which the majority of our students study includes:

Exercise Referral
Level 4 Low Back Pain
Pre & Postnatal Nutrition
Pre & Postnatal Exercise

We have been looking to move the Exercise Referral knowledge in particular into our Level 3 Diploma for some time and these findings strengthen the case. We would welcome plans to make this standard across the industry.


Taking children’s fitness seriously

Delivering the skills and knowledge necessary in the field of children’s fitness requires expert management. For this reason we have partnered with FitforSport to be our preferred specialists in the area of children’s fitness, and this will be a niche topic within our Pro Zone.

FitforSport will deliver a webinar on children’s fitness and share other useful content through videos and articles as per our other guest partners. They will become our resident experts in children’s fitness. 

Get involved now!  The Pro Zone is equally accessible for individuals as it is for groups enrolled by employers. We develop bespoke Pro Zone corporate health & fitness training packages to suit the needs of individual organisations. Contact: for more information.

Find out more about the Pro Zone for individuals. 

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