Katie Bulmer-Cooke - Activity Champion of the Year

School Of Personal Training Posted Sep 27, 2016 Future Fit Training

We’ve nominated our PT Skills Gap Ambassador Katie Bulmer-Cooke for Activity Champion of the Year at this year’s Active Training Awards

Katie Bulmer-Cooke - Activity Champion of the Year

Here’s why:

Katie Bulmer-Cooke is one of the UK's leading personal trainers, best known for her down-to-earth, friendly approach to fitness and a long list of accolades including:

  • UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012
  • FitPro & Life Fitness Top 10 Global Personal Trainers To Watch 2012 
  • UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013
  • FitPro Award for Excellence 2013
  • BBC 1's The Apprentice Candidate 2014

That’s an impressive set of achievements for a fitness professional who describes herself modestly as a ‘hard-working northern lass', and is certainly something to aspire to for fellow fitness professionals.

Fitness entrepreneur Katie began her business journey at the age of 16 setting up exercise classes in her home town of Sunderland. Fast forward 13 years and Katie is now selling her fitness DVDs and online training programmes in 11 countries across the world.  Furthermore, her inspirational business coaching provides solid and insightful direction to many fitness professionals wishing to grow their businesses and develop new group fitness concepts.

Katie is also a highly sought after, entertaining and polished public speaker with an innate ability to share information in a digestible and memorable way. She has appeared at events such as Elite Business London, BE Group and LFX, and is due to host the National Fitness Awards for the second year running in December.

Despite Katie already being highly respected and considered as a ‘polished professional’ by many in the industry, she continuously seeks to develop her wealth of knowledge and experience, and invests herself in ongoing training, embracing new concepts and challenges fearlessly.

“Katie’s passion and enthusiasm for the fitness industry is boundless, and after studying our PT Skills Gap Programme - a new training course to help fitness professionals build better client relationships and learn essential business skills, she chose to become an ambassador for it. Katie admirably continues to demonstrate her commitment to ensuring that fellow professionals have a meaningful impact on physical activity levels in the UK” Paul Swainson, Future Fit Training

Katie’s long list of achievements coupled with her boundless energy and ability to motivate others to join and excel in our sector (whilst also raising a young family!), is why Katie is most deserving of this award - ‘Activity Champion of the Year’.  Katie already fulfils the meaning of the word ‘Champion’ and if the cap fits, you know what they say!

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