Future Fit helps Xercise4less to #RaisetheBar

School Of Personal Training Posted Sep 05, 2016 Future Fit Training

Last week we were pleased to be invited to present at the Xercise4Less national PT training day in Leeds, attended by almost 100 trainers.

Future Fit helps Xercise4less to #RaisetheBar

Out of a 7 hour timetable we were pencilled in for 4 hours in the middle of the day as the main event so we wanted to offer something special.

'Nutrition' was the main theme, but we knew that as qualified trainers the X4L guys wanted more than a few tips on what their clients should eat. By and large PTs know what they want clients to do (that goes for exercise and nutrition) - the hard part is getting them to do it!

So our sessions were geared towards behaviour change and mindset - how can we coach people effectively so that they find it easy to make the right dietary choices?

First up was our tutor Heather Oakes. As a competitive natural figure athlete and three-time British champion Heather knows what it takes to get great results and the behaviours needed to make it all happen. Heather delivered a highly practical workshop that explored how to teach clients to correctly read food labels. "Our bodies process calories, not the weight of the food" explained Heather, "so while 4g of fat per 100g makes your yoghurt 4% fat by weight, it could be 15, 20, 30% or more fat by calorie content". Something to bear in mind when trying to plan the macronutrient make up of your client's diet. 

After a short break we introduced a very special guest. Lazo Freeman is one of the leading body transformation specialists in the world, regularly commanding fees of £10-15k for 12 week transformations.

Having spent almost 10 years studying the way the human mind works, Lazo set up the Body Transformation Academy to pass on the high level skills trainers need to influence their clients mindset.

Lazo had the audience hooked with his insights and techniques for gaining compliance when it comes to nutrition habits. "Oxygen and water are the two most important nutrients the body needs" says Lazo, "so after coaching correct breathing patterns, one of the first things I get my clients to do is drink more water after they wake in the morning. Half a litre, a litre, whatever is achievable for them to start with. Only when they've nailed that do we move onto the next habit".

So it's all about small, sustainable changes, and only forming one new habit at a time. A philosophy that can be applied to all aspects of a client's lifestyle.

Hungry for more education (no pun intended), we then announced a special gift of our Nutrition for Sport and Exercise course which Xercise4Less had generously purchased for each and every attendee of the day as a reward for being committed to developing their knowledge.

We had a great day and hope to work with Xercise4Less more in the future to raise the bar of personal training in their clubs.

We will certainly be working with Lazo Freeman and the Body Transformation Academy as part of our plans to deliver quality of training and education to PTs.

However thorough your original qualification was, you'll always need to build on your knowledge and learn how to apply it regularly and consistently to develop as a trainer.

Watch this space for exciting announcements soon!

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