Attending FitPro Live

School Of Personal Training Posted Jul 14, 2015 Future Fit Training

Where can you find the fitness industry’s leading educators, a range of health and fitness products and services for the professional, and Dame Kelly Holmes all under one roof?

Attending FitPro Live

FitPro Live 2015 is the answer, and if you weren’t there then you really missed out!

FitPro Live is one of the leading educational events in the fitness industry calendar and brings together an impressive line-up of sessions, covering a vast range of topics, and featuring a selection of industry specialists drawn from across the globe. Whether you are interested in developing your technical knowledge, looking for business and marketing advice, or are keen to take part in one of the many master classes on offer there is something for everyone who works in fitness. From trainers new to the industry to those who have a lifetime of experience there are activities and sessions for all.

As with other training events in the industry, attending FitPro Live will gain you 13 CPD points but the value in going to industry events far exceeds mere CPDs. In this age of information technology and social media, where we can connect with anyone anywhere, where we can study online courses from the comfort of our own home without ever meeting the ‘teacher’, where people hide behind carefully crafted personas to show the ‘best’ of themselves nothing but NOTHING beats face-to-face contact.

When I asked the members of my WIFE (Women in Fitness Empowerment) team who made up some of the presenters, exhibitors and visitors, what was the ONE thing they took home from FitPro Live it was the opportunity to network. It was talking to like-minded people, making beneficial connections and meeting and sharing information and ideas.

This meeting of minds and mindfulness are key themes emerging in the industry. More and more the psychology behind behaviour is gaining greater understanding; the need to invest in learning about human behaviour is just as important as the study of human anatomy for fitness professionals. From the marketing seminars to the practical movement based classes, the presenters in every session I attended touched on this theme of mindfulness. Future Fit’s new Behaviour Change Coaching course was developed precisely for this reason.

In between sessions you can spend time visiting the exhibitors who are showcasing the latest equipment and products for serious fitness professionals. You can experiment and try out these new innovations first hand, and speak to the people who develop and produce them.

Many of us start our careers in fitness full of enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, then the reality sets in and we find ourselves often isolated from our peers working freelance and self-employed. Industry events such as FitPro Live allow us to reconnect with the energy and excitement we felt when we first came into the industry.

The key to success in the industry is the investment we make in self-development; training doesn’t end once you get your qualification. Industry events are a brilliant way to feel re-energised as well as seek our fitness ‘idols’ out but I had no idea this year would exceed all my expectations in this respect.

Whilst gathering at the entrance to FitPro Live for a group shot with some of my WIFE team, we suddenly spotted Dame Kelly Holmes. Seizing the moment and holding my breath I raced over to her and asked if she would be happy to join our group for a photograph. She graciously obliged and we were thrilled to capture this image.

No amount of social media networking could have replaced this moment. The lesson is clear, get out, get seen and remember to connect in the real world as well as online!

Written by Jacqueline Hooton

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