Charlotte’s 2015 fitness trend predictions

School Of Personal Training Posted Feb 02, 2015 Future Fit Training

As always there will be some fitness fads in 2015, but I also believe that this year will see the continuation of some really positive changes.

Charlotte’s 2015 fitness trend predictions

Over the past few years the personal training industry has seen a marked shift in terms of the services that personal trainers offer and how they deliver them. 

  1. I think we will continue to see an increasing focus on the psychological side of fat loss and performance, as more and more people recognise just how significant a role the brain plays in eating and exercise behaviour. Personal trainers are realising that just giving clients a diet sheet and exercise program is often nowhere near enough, particularly if they’ve been struggling with poor eating patterns for some time. I therefore think that the coaching aspect of personal training, looking at habit formation and how behaviour change takes place, will become central to many trainers’ practice.
  2. I hope there will also continue to be a move towards health based goals rather than simply weight loss, as more and more people begin to recognise the influence of the media and become more educated about what really constitutes a healthy diet. For personal trainers, that means that the bar needs to be raised in terms of nutritional knowledge in order to be able to guide better informed clients.
  3. Finally, I think many personal trainers will incorporate ongoing biomechanical assessment and soft tissue work into their client’s sessions as the benefits of consistent alignment and on the spot treatment as part of the warm up protocol become more sought after. Having a sports massage qualification is definitely a bonus here as it enables those trainers to offer a much more comprehensive service, better results and ultimately, better value for money.

Charlotte Ord is the first person to win Personal Trainer of the year award twice after her victory in 2010, demonstrating just how successful her career has been after completing her personal training diploma with Future Fit. Charlotte went on to become the head strength and conditioning coach with the England Lacrosse Squad and was a trainer on ITV’s The Biggest Loser. She now owns two fitness facilities in surrey – the Charlotte Ord Academies – and is a much sought after presenter and fitness expert, appearing regularly on television and in the media.


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