Just say YES then learn how to do it later!

School Of Personal Training Posted Sep 22, 2014 Future Fit Training

Next time you’re offered a great opportunity, will you turn it down because it’s complicated or will you say yes then work out how you’re going to do it?

Just say YES then learn how to do it later!

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

This business tip from Virgin boss Richard Branson is one endorsed by many entrepreneurs who realise that being hung up on working out the logistics of a project before agreeing to it often means never getting around to actually doing it. While it might sound like a reckless approach, this can link nicely to SMART goal setting. Agreeing to the opportunity gives you your specific target and a time frame – it’s up to you to then work backwards from there to make it achievable through planning.

Here’s an example:

Joe the newly-qualified personal trainer is setting up his new business in his small local town in August. Eventually he wants to get into sports conditioning for footballers but doesn’t think the market is big enough where he lives so he focuses on developing weight loss programmes. However, the secretary of a local amateur football club employs Joe as his trainer and after a few weeks asks if he would be interested in taking fitness sessions for the team for their pre-season training starting in a fortnight.

Now Joe knows he has no experience of team training, doesn’t have the kit for a whole team and can’t afford to buy any, had plans to go out on the day in question and could think of a whole host of other reasons (or excuses) why he couldn’t do the job.  But instead, he says yes. Joe knows that in 14 days he will need to deliver a training session for a group of 20 or so amateur footballers to improve their fitness for matches, and convince them to continue working with him. So over the next two weeks he works out what he needs to do to achieve that specific goal. 

Other plans: Joe simply rearranges his day out, having given more priority to this great opportunity

Equipment: As the team will be doing training sessions regularly, Joe suggests what necessary equipment they will need and they agree to buy it.

The training session: Joe goes back through his training course manuals and notes, paying particular attention to anything related to sports conditioning and the elements of fitness he knows the players need to work on; power, endurance, speed, etc. He devises a full workout using exercises he feels confident teaching, and uses ideas he gained on his circuit and functional training courses to create a group session that will be both enjoyable and effective.

He also maps out a general outline of how the training sessions will progress over the course of the season so that the team can see the value in having Joe deliver sessions each week.


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