64% of adults in the UK are obese!

School Of Personal Training Posted Aug 15, 2014 Future Fit Training

More than 64% of adults in England are now overweight or obese. The treatment of weight related conditions costs the NHS a whopping £5.1 billion a year.

64% of adults in the UK are obese!

Help reduce these statistics by becoming a Personal Trainer!

The general perception is that personal training is just about improving fitness levels in a gym environment, but this is only part of it. PTs have the ability to play a major part in addressing the current ‘obesity epidemic’ facing the UK. The health of our clients is the most important consideration. We need to ensure they can function as people, families, communities and overall as a nation.

We need to gain the relevant tools to adopt an individualised holistic approach for each client. PTs need to be able to listen, empathise and support their clients. This will help us to focus on the psychological aspects of addressing their health and making lifestyle changes. 

One of the major reasons obese/overweight people avoid contact with the health and fitness industry is that they think they will have to attend a gym or local leisure facility. This makes many people feel self-conscious, so having knowledge that allows clients to exercise in comfortable environments for them will mean greater adherence.

PTs discuss nutrition with their clients in a non-judgmental manner, educating them for their own personal benefit as well as providing information that can be passed on to the wider family environment. The impact this can have on future generations will hopefully address the inherited ‘nurture rather than nature’ traits passed from parent to child.

Physical activity and tailored exercise advice will also increase lifestyle awareness. As a PT you will learn about providing a variety of activities to engage all ages, encouraging clients to pass on this knowledge to their peers. This will hopefully mean as a PT you are able to assist in addressing the energy balance discrepancy which is one of the main causes of obesity in our nation.

One of the associated co-morbidities of obesity is social withdrawal due to low self-esteem and self- confidence.  As a PT you can assist clients to not only be more active for specific health reasons (such as CHD and T2D) but also the endorphin release that helps create the ‘feel good factor’ and therefore re-integrating clients into social settings.

All of these combined elements will hopefully ensure that we, as PTs, increase awareness of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles, as well as increasing its promotion through the health and fitness industry.

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