Back to business basics (part 2)

School Of Personal Training Posted Nov 28, 2013 Future Fit Training

Part 2 takes a look at your approach to programming. Even if you don’t make these mistakes yourself, I bet you know PTs that do…

Back to business basics (part 2)

Programming basics

  1. Don’t put all of your clients through the exact same routine. While the fundamentals may be the same, you shouldn’t use the same workouts for everyone. It's lazy and people will soon catch on - especially in a gym environment. People have different needs, areas that need correction, likes and dislikes etc. It’s called personal training for a reason!
  2. Choose exercises that are best for your client and their goals and not because it is the latest thing in a magazine or a new trendy piece of equipment. When stability balls first arrived in the gym suddenly everyone was doing every exercise they could using them. They’re great bits of kit but they have their particular strengths with specific clients and exercises.
  3. Keep notes on your clients - weights, sets, reps, heart rate – this will enable you to accurately progress their workouts at a sensible rate. Too many trainers take their clients through a bunch of exercises with the intent of ‘beasting’ them. This does not guarantee results. You may get away with it for a while, as long as your client believes they’re getting their money’s worth if they are working hard, but when they ask you if they’ve  improved they'll soon be looking elsewhere for a trainer if you cannot show any evidence of results.
  4. Progress your workouts – every week you should be analysing what you are doing with your client to see if they are ready to be progressed and thinking about how best to achieve this given their personal likes, dislikes, routine and goals.

Check back next week for tips on your sessions…


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